A small software/game developer studio in Helsingborg, Sweden. Our ambition is to create games for all ages that lets you challenge your skills and have fun. Also use social medias to promote Keylas Wor(l)d and try to make our world a better place.


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    Can't get enough of your favorite pomeranian? You can watch her adventures on Keylas World YouTube channel. Experience new adventures with Keyla in a unique story in the gameforce and relaxing nature videos in IRL. Explore Keylas World on YouTube.

  • Introducing Smarty Pantz!

    Are you smart? Are you clever? Do you love solving fun puzzles? Welcome to Smarty Pantz. A new game from Bily Software where you put your mind to test with lots of puzzles featuring categories like Disney-, Star Wars-, Harry Potter-, Star Trek, Pokemon- characters, dinosaurs, logos, geography, movies, books and many many more. Are you a smarty pantz?

  • New domainname,

    Our domainname has been transfered to another company. Bily Softwares new domainname is This affects one achievement in the game Sky Ace. More information on Sky Ace game page.


“My son loves Keylas videos on Keylas World. Great work. Hope to see more videos like this in the future.“

— Andrei 'ReiManGaming', Romania

“As soon as I downloaded Smarty Pantz and played the first three levels I knew this is going to be lots of fun. The setup with the knowledge wheel and the level boss is clever. When you think you have the situation under control and advance through the levels you are surprised with even more levels and puzzles and challenges every ten levels!“

— Petra Sandberg, Sweden

“I have been playing Fun Run with my daughter and it's so enjoyable to see her play and control the doggie. The first levels are very easy but enough to please her. When the game gets little harder I can step in and help her.“

— Benny Karlsson, Sweden

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