• Join Keylas World

    Can't get enough of your favorite pomeranian? Now you can watch her adventures on Keylas World YouTube channel. Experience new adventures with Keyla in a unique story in the gameforce and relaxing nature videos in IRL. Watch trailers and fun clips featuring then number one pomeranian. Explore Keylas World on YouTube.

  • Introducing Smarty Pantz!

    Are you smart? Are you clever? Do you love solving fun puzzles? Welcome to Smarty Pantz. A new game from Bily Software where you put your mind to test with lots of puzzles featuring categories like Disney-, Star Wars-, Harry Potter-, Star Trek characters, Pokemon- characters, dinosaurs, logos, geography, movies, books and many many more. Are you a smarty pantz?

  • New domainname,

    Our domainname has been transfered to another company. Bily Softwares new domainname is This affects one achievement in the game Sky Ace. More information on Sky Ace game page.

  • Release of Pom Pom Keyla Sky Ace

    We are happy to announce that Pom Pom Keyla Sky Ace is now available on AppStore and Google Play. Play, upgrade, shoot and become the ultimate hero.

  • Over 500 downloads of Fun Run

    It makes us very happy that our little free game has been downloaded over 500 times. Lots of golden bones have been collected and Keyla has finally found her way home.

  • Fun Run released on iOS and Android

    Our first game Pom Pom Keyla Fun Run is now available on AppStore and Google Play. Go and download the game for free and help Keyla find her way home.