Are you clever? Are you skilled? Play Smarty Pantz and become a puzzle master. In Smarty Pantz you turn the wheel of knowledge, solve puzzles and if you are clever enough move on to new levels.

Hundreds of easy, fun and challenging puzzles with categories ranging from pop culture (Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Pokemon & many more) to geography, logos, movies, animals just to mention few. Collect starpoints and be a real "smarty".

Smarty Pantz is available for iPhone/iPad and for Android OS. You can play in English/US and Swedish language. Smarty Pantz uses an advanced AI-algorithm which means that you don't have to be 100% correct. It recognizes how you are trying to solve the puzzle and is very remissive when judging your guesswork.

Complete levels by guessing familiar puzzles and if you solve them you'll get starpoints! Don't be afraid if you get stuck. You can get help from the worlds smartest dog, Pom Pom Keyla. She is the best pomeranian and always willing to help you!

Gather starpoints and compete against your family, your friends or even your enemies. This game is perfect for the whole family and if you don't want to compete then help each other and see how many points you can get together. Can you master the game ot will it master you?

App Store

Smarty Pantz is available on AppStore. Please download and don't forget to rate and leave a review.


Google Play

Smarty Pantz is available on Google Play. Please download and don't forget to rate and leave a review.



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